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9 Honestly Healthy Brands With Sustainability At Their Core.

At Opal Avenue, we believe that Earth Day should be celebrated every day. And today, we’re honoring our beautiful planet by introducing you to 9 of our favorite honestly healthy well brands that keep sustainability at the forefront of their businesses. They’ve reached the ultimate success. Creating safe solutions that are both good for the body and the planet. Meet them here and learn what inspired them to start their brand, how they are bettering the planet, and their most treasured products from their lines.

Terra & Co.

Amra & Azra Hajdarevic, Founders

What inspired you to start Terra & Co?

My sister and I always wanted to start a business together but we never knew it would be oral care. The idea came when Amra was pregnant and she used activated charcoal to whiten teeth but it was too messy, then we thought why not make an organic toothpaste that whitens teeth but without the mess in your bathroom. That’s how our first and still best-selling product was created.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

Our every decision is made with Mother Earth in mind. From how we design products to how we ship. It is the core of our business. It should have been for all businesses. There is only one Earth and she can do without us but we can’t without her.

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

I love them all but our Oil Pulling is my favorite item. I incorporate Ayurveda in my lifestyle and that has helped me balance and improve my health. Our oil pulling is not only oral care products, but it also helps with the mouth, gut, and overall health. It is so much more than mouthwash.

Loving Culture

Mary-Andree Ardouin-Guerrier, Founder

What inspired you to start Loving Culture?

Loving Culture evolved from my own transition into a more holistic and toxin-free lifestyle after watching several chronic diseases ravage the lives of two of my closest relatives and after our son had been diagnosed with severe food allergies. I started questioning all the environmental toxins that we are often exposed to. I eliminated toxic chemical hair straighteners from my beauty consumption and cut off all my hair to start from scratch since I started growing out my natural curls. So I began researching ways to grow out my hair in a more organic holistic way at a faster rate. I ended up creating this incredible oil blend with spices and botanical oils which then became a part of my daily hair regiment. Family & friends were impressed at my results and started asking for the oil blend and actually wanted to pay me for it! I decided to create an Etsy store online to make the process easier and it was at that moment Loving Culture was born.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

Sustainability is at the core of our brand. As a current doctoral candidate in Health Education at Columbia University conducting research that seeks to reduce the exposure of environmental toxins, I have found that sustainability and environmental health go hand and hand. Our oil is free of any petrochemical ingredients and we only bottle our product in glass. Our oil is 100% biodegradable, we used to use biostone labels (labels made with stone instead of paper) but now we use eco-friendly screen printing on our glass bottles which makes the recycling/breakdown process even easier. Our packaging is 100% recyclable. We also use recycled post-consumer products within our marketing and shipping materials as often as possible, in addition our shipping boxes are FSC certified. Our oils are ethically sourced, 100% USDA certified organic, and our argan oil is Fair Trade. ?

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

Our revitalizing organic hair oil is the only product we have because of the high level of integrity that we are committed to. This oil is the beginning and the benchmark for what Loving Culture represents.

Superieur Electrolytes

Seth Bovio, Founder

What inspired you to start Superieur Electrolytes?

We noticed other nutritional categories using plant extracts and sea minerals as ingredients and decided to turn the electrolyte category upside right by replacing usual lab-made sources such as ascorbic acid and sodium chloride with food sources and pink Himalayan sea salt. ?So many of us want pH balance and using actual sources gives us a gap lead in the category.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

My family of five uses reusable containers and our 70-serving recyclable canister that holds our antioxidant-rich electrolyte formula can replace 70 plastic bottles of the typical sports drinks. ?Further, we humans live longer and stronger if we pass on the highly processed ingredients.

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

Our Fresh Watermelon flavor is the best tasting electrolyte drink on the market. ?It?s so smooth and light.

Ouli?s Ointment

Stephanie G-M, Founder

What inspired you to start Ouli’s Ointment?

I started Ouli?s Ointment 3 years ago in London. Before that when my Grandmother got sick (Yiayia) I had an idea to create something natural, simple and completely adaptable for my makeup kit, that would also keep my connection to her and the island my family is from, Zakynthos. I felt the need for something with clean ingredients I could use in my makeup kit for everything from eyebrows, to highlighter to makeup primer and it is all that and more! I didn?t know what I would create I just knew I needed to incorporate olive oil and change how it is perceived in skincare. From my experience, olive oil products don?t always smell great and are generally greasy. So Ouli?s is the opposite! It is easily absorbed, not greasy and smells light and divine!

Yiayia?s use of chamomile in my childhood and our family olive groves were a huge inspiration. When I got pregnant all the pieces started to fall into place of being connected to the right people and really making it happen. So my son and Ouli?s were born at the end of 2015! Now it?s sold worldwide and I?m expanding my product line from the one little tin of sunshine to more simple and adaptable products.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

I have been determined to keep our tins packaging free, as a makeup artist I have thrown a lot of new product boxes away and it has always been painful and wasteful. That?s why Ouli?s Ointment?s tins have no outer packaging and all of the EU and Canada requirements all fit on our tins. I?ve also sourced biodegradable seals for security that are made from vegetable cellulose. We also use aluminum tins which have an extremely low footprint both in creation and their life span because they can be reused easily and recycled easily too.

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

As we only have one right now, or favorite most definitely is our little tin of sunshine, our all purpose ointment. It really is great for absolutely everything and is super adaptable. You can mix it with powder sunscreen, you can mix it with lipstick to create a stain. It?s great for children, pets and even better on the go!


Heli Kurjanen, Founder & CEO

What inspired you to start Lunette?

The inspiration behind Lunette was need. I was looking for a comfortable and safe period care product and although I found something “okay”, I couldn?t find anything perfect. I started to think that maybe I?m not alone with these thoughts and started to think that maybe I should design a menstrual cup suitable for my own needs. Luckily it turned out that I wasn?t alone with my problems and Lunette got excellent reviews from the beginning.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

For over 14 years, Lunette’s mission has been focused on changing attitudes about periods. We feel nobody should feel ashamed of them and nobody should miss a chance because of them. I created this product to solve a need and to help shift an outdated mindset about menstruation. ?With those two goals comes great responsibility to truly live out your mission in everything you do and I’m proud that we’ve continued on that path since the very first cup we sold. For example, we’ve donated over several thousands of menstrual cups to people with no access to safe period care. Can you believe that even in 2019 there are people with no access to safe period care? We’ve also been inclusive since day one and I think that’s important when you are talking about reproductive rights for ALL people. ?We were one of the first period brands to show various shapes, sizes and gender identities in our marketing. That idea is certainly more mainstream today, but at the time, it was disruptive especially for a period brand. I’m very proud of that.

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

Of course, it?s the Lunette Cup! It?s a superior, safe product that is 100% zero waste, down to the packaging (our mission since day one!). After all, not all period products are created the same. ?Lunette continues to stand out in comfort and safety ? Our cups were rated #1 by an independent global safety study. Seriously though, I can?t live without our cup and the freedom it provides me monthly.

Meow Meow Tweet

Tara Pelletier and Jeff Kurosaki, Founders

What inspired you to start Meow Meow Tweet?

We started MMT to create ethical and healthy personal care products that are not stressful to the earth, do not harm animals, are manufactured and packaged in a positive work environment, and presented to the consumer at an accessible price point.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

We believe that we can create truly exceptional products that are thoughtfully sourced and packaged without compromise. Many larger conventional products brands cut corners and have set an unrealistic standard of convenience and low price points that consumers have come to expect. In choosing values over dollars, we have to be creative at every step, from product development to customer education, to ensure the integrity of those values and quality standards are adhered to.

Most of our ingredients are certified organic, non-gmo, and from strong or renewable plant populations. We are 100% vegan, cruelty free and palm free. We are always trying to reduce the amount of plastic waste our packaging contributes to landfills by ensuring it will break down naturally or has a high rate of recyclability within the U.S..

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

Right now we are loving our deodorant sticks and lip balms in paper packaging. It?s been a long road to perfect the design of the paper tube and to get just the right formulation that feels good, functions in the tube and keeps odor at bay.

Katari Beauty

Kate Fish, Founder

What inspired you to start Katari?

I came from a very simple and humble background and learned complexity of simplicity from my grandmother. From my travels in the Mediterranean, I brought the simplest arsenal of ancient beauty secrets that are stunningly simple, single-ingredient and shockingly effective. It was not a short journey at all. For instance, it took me over 10 years to find both our rose water and the rare Atlas Mountains Green Clay, Argil. I wanted to find specific pH (neutral), all non-comedogenic, and all hypoallergenic ingredients that would work effortlessly for even most sensitive skin types. AND, the ultimate inspiration was nature and people and knowledge that has been passed on for millennia ? our brand is working tirelessly to help preserve ancient crafts and support people who stand behind all of our products and accessories.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

When I learned that commercially manufactured glass often contains plastic, I created lab-grade hand-blown glass to package Katari products. I could not wait until some huge manufacturer will finally step up and create an eco-friendly option for beauty industry. When I created our new packaging, I eliminated plastic from our processes and also gave on-going work for dozens of glass masters in the Mediterranean. And, shockingly, handmade glass is NOT much more expensive than lesser quality Chinese glass and plastic bottles and it looks and feels like you have a piece of art in your hands.

I am very excited that ALL Katari products are sustainably produced. We do not give hand-outs to artisans, though we work with each and every one of them directly and personally. Our joint efforts (our clients through their on-going support and Katari Team) give artisans an opportunity for sustained earnings. It is a lot of responsibility; but there is nothing better than knowing that you are actually making a difference in people?s lives and also keeping Earth clean. ?

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

I am not an obsessive personality but I cannot live without Hoba oil and Roseau (our vapor distilled rose water toner). It is a staple in my travel bag and all my friends and family and every single person who has tried the duo are obsessed as well. Hoba + Roseau combination is the simplest and easiest daily skin miracle. It is all you really need on the road and at home (and for the entire family starting from newborns) to cleanse, tone, moisturize and keep skin balanced. It does not feel oily and skin just drinks it up.

Honua Skincare

Kapua Browning, Founder

What inspired you to start Honua Skincare?

Growing up in Hawaii I was raised using more traditional forms of healing such as L?’au Lapa’au as well as Chinese medicine and acupuncture. As an As an Esthetician, I understood the value of treating skincare conditions from the root causes and I knew that our Hawaiian healing botanicals could successfully treat these conditions this way and deliver results. After years of success with myself, family and facial clients, I decided to share Honua with the world.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

We honor our Honua (Earth) by replenishing and protecting her resources through sustainable harvesting practices, reforestation education and actions, and supporting our ocean health. We hold bi-annual workshops on reforestation and ocean plastic awareness and educate through our newsletters and social media throughout the year. We also use glue-less compostable boxes and glass bottles to eliminate the use of single-use plastic and lighten our carbon footprint. As a company and family, M?lama ‘?ina (to care for the land) is a value and responsibility that we take seriously.

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

At the moment I would say our Pa’akai Cleansing Cream, as it has Hawaiian Salt water in it from my home which I am currently missing. Aside from our extended family, my daily swim in the ocean is what I miss most. Our ocean water is so healing and always left me feeling refreshed and cleansed. Using our Pa’akai Cleansing Cream daily gives me the same feelings and leaves my skin feeling cleansed, hydrated and fresh. ?The perfect morning treatment to start my day.


April Morris, Co-Founder

What inspired you to start HealthNaturally?

Plants! We are both Colorado-natives, so we have always spent a lot of times outdoors and were both really called towards plant medicine. Paul has a background in Chinese herbal medicine, while I (April) have a background in Western herbal medicine. We would help people on a daily basis through these practices, but we really wanted to create a product that could reach the masses and help hundreds of people daily.

As a champion for sustainability, how do you incorporate these values into your company and product line?

We really focus on many aspects of sustainability. In our facilities we compost all of our herbal products, as well as feed some to the neighboring chickens. Outside of our facility though, we are really focused on bees and helping the bee population, because without bees our future is not sustainable. We work with local bee farmers, as well as donate to different bee organizations in our area.

If you had to choose one favorite product from your line, what would that be and why?

Our Hemp Oil Ageless Face Serum is my absolute favorite product in our line. I use it every morning and it really brightens up my face. I love using this oil-based product on my face because it doesn’t contain any drying alcohol, like most of the face creams do, so it truly moisturizes my face. I also love all the ingredients in this face serum, from the Frankincense & Myrhh essential oils, to the Kukui and Sea Buckthorne carrier oils, ever ingredient has amazing healing properties.

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