We Believe in Honestly Good Products™

When it comes to approving products for the Opal Avenue marketplace, our guiding principle is simple: are they honestly good? We meticulously seek out vendors that operate by the highest standards of ethical integrity, ingredient safety, and of exceptional quality & performance. These are the gems you will find inside Opal Avenue.


To be listed on Opal Avenue, each and every vendor and individual product must go through a rigorous screening process encompassing the 4 pillars of our curation standards. This guides our company and our approved list of brand partners in championing what we believe to be a greater movement of a better world through responsible products.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that all products showcased inside Opal Avenue have been thoroughly pre-screened to be free of over 2,000 ingredients of concern. From parabens to sulfates; to PEGs to phthalates – we are dedicated to sifting out unclean ingredient lists so you don’t have to. Download our full list of restricted ingredients.

Detailed ingredient lists are always are provided on each product page inside Opal Avenue.