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Retail Reflections: What Is Email Automation? Your Shop’s Next Massive Revenue Generator. That’s What.

As a store owner, it?s possible that you may have mixed feelings about jumping into creating marketing automation for your business. Though there?s no doubt that at some point you, as a consumer, have window shopped on your favorite sites, added items to your cart, and just didn?t quite get yourself to hit that ?checkout? button. You?re not alone in that. According to SalesCycle, 78.3% of all carts in the e-commerce retail sector went abandoned in 2017 and that number continues to rise as the e-commerce market becomes ever more competitive.

When created with value-added content and purposeful design, the core benefits of marketing automation strategy for retailers and direct to consumer brands can dip into efficiency, cost-effectiveness, all the way to creating a robust omnichannel experience that?ll lead to high-profit generating abilities.

The most powerful form of automation is, in fact, Email Automation. This is because it helps generate ongoing conversations with customers and continues to maximize lifetime value. It has become one of the core revenue drivers for customer retention as it allows more personalized recommendations to be presented in a digestible value-added way of communication.

Email automation can come in different forms. Here is a break down of the most common types:


A series (such as a Welcome Series for example) takes the customer through a journey of the most important points of difference for your business all while allowing you to choose what sales-driving content to display first. It gives the customer a chance to get familiar with you in a variety of different ways. What can you share in a series? You can showcase things like Social Proof (press or customer reviews), your shop?s unique point of difference, your founder story (if relatable), and other valuable information that shows who you are as a business.


A nurturing campaign can be a great way to incorporate light customer segmentation without getting overly complex. List segmentation has always been used to do more targeted email marketing. There is a good chance that some of the emails in your inbox right now did not go to an entire list of subscribers. You may have been sent those emails as part of a segment of ?most likely to purchase consumers.? You?ve been grouped and sent more targeted and personalized marketing based on past purchasing behavior or activity. An example of a nurture campaign in retail can be sending an email to specific customers that purchased a luxury ticket item from a store. He or she is more likely to receive continued promotional information that is aligned with the luxury price tier or brands similar to those they have purchased in the past.

Segmentation creates a personalized marketing experience tailored to specific customers and decreases list unsubscribes by not marketing to those list subscribers unlikely to find a specific product or piece of information interesting to them. As you think about this, you may now be picturing the vast number of ways you can group together customers based on shopping history and activity. Ideas for nuture campaigns can be endless! And nurturing series can also be paired with remarketing ads to layer in even more awareness generating capabilities.


When it comes to marketing, it?s a good thing to be trigger happy! In the most basic form, a trigger works like an abandoned cart. A customer adds an item to their cart but doesn’t check out- they receive a targeted email campaign set at a specific time interval trigger to reclaim. Abandoned cart triggers accompanied with a series campaign can be incredibly powerful. Add a layer of lead magnets (like free shipping or another promo) to this and you?ll be seeing additional revenue through recovered sales. Why is this? Potential customers who receive these messages will simply and automatically be reminded to pick up right where they left off.

So with all this said, what could a strong email automation plan look like for a retail store that wants to super-charge their e-commerce revenue? Here?s the strategy I?d recommend to start with:

1. A Welcome Email Series that is delivered in 3 parts over one week.

2. An Abandoned Cart Email Series which has triggers at 24 and 48 hours.

3. Win Back Email Series to re-engage customers who haven’t purchased in a while. This depends on the lifecycle of the products you sell in your store. For beauty and wellness products you could set your Win Back Email series to go out 4-6 months post purchase date.  

With the daily tasks of being a business owner, marketing automation can easily remain an afterthought. But boosting cost-efficiency is reason alone to make this a real priority for growing your sales! Automations run like your own personal team of sales robots, continually trying to capture potential additional revenue without you needing to devoting more effort, man-hours, or money into other forms of remarketing. For larger businesses, it can keep the marketing team focused on new exciting strategy and acquisitions while keeping customer retention a priority! You?ll benefit significantly from happier customers receiving ongoing recommendations of content and products they’ll genuinely appreciate and feel a connection with.


Isabella Sapien is the founder & CEO of Ritual Rebellion a digital marketing agency for beauty, wellness, and retail brands that specializes in increasing customer lifetime value and customer acquisitions. Learn more about Ritual Rebellion and their newly launched Email Marketing Template Shop here:

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Retail Reflections: How Can I Motivate My Team When It Comes To Retail Selling?

It?s the $1000 question that is always on store owner & manager?s minds and generates a huge topic of discussion.

Throwing their hands up in defeat, I?ve heard business owners say:

  • ?I have tried everything to get them engaged.?
  • ?I give commission but no one cares.?
  • ?I have created contests but it?s always the same people that win.?
  • ?The retail sales training was great as a boost for 1 month then everyone lost motivation again.?
  • ?I don?t think my staff is able to sell more than they already do.?

How about we add common staff excuses to the mix?

  • ?I am waiting for the brand training.?
  • ?Why try? It?s cheaper online.? (This one is #1!)
  • ?My shift ends soon.? (Goes out of the way to make no eye contact with customer otherwise they?ll have to assist them).
  • ?She can?t afford it.? (Bold assumptions).
  • ?She is a new client. I don?t want to be too pushy.?

Let?s face it, when it comes to the barriers of selling, we can find them in bucket loads. Yet, one day, a star staff member starts with you and she can sell. She is basically showing everyone how it?s done. I have been fascinated by sales people that seem to be ?simply born with it.? How do they do it? Why can they succeed and the others cannot?

Throughout my career, having worked for key commercial brands like Clinique, Clarins & L?Occitane, I?ve learned that making retail sales comes down to two simple things:  the customer journey and how the customer feels the minute they walk into your business. When I joined Steiner UK, in Bliss Spa London, the team was performing at a retail rate of 35%. By the time I finished with them, we reached a retail rate of 45%. This is quite a significant increase when you consider that retail sales contributed to our strict 2.2 million revenue goal.

One thing that has become clear after delivering countless retail trainings is that the old-fashioned way of retailing doesn?t work anymore. Toss away the ?robotic steps for selling?. Trying to recall what to do next when you have the customer in front of you is too much pressure for any team member. What happens? They get flustered. They tense up. And ultimately feel discouraged (or even ashamed) when they hear ?no I am fine, thanks? from the customer.

When it comes to retail sales today, it?s absolutely important to think about it in a different way and apply a much more holistic 360? approach. Here are the 6 key factors that play an important part in increasing your retail sales year on year by positively influencing each step of the customer journey:

  • The Customer

Customer habits have changed. And although they have more choices from where they can obtain their products, deep down they are significantly craving guidance, care, expertise and wellness.

  •  The Manager

Managers have a lot to do with bettering retail sales and morale. She or he is the one that creates the retail culture and expectations in the business. If they have an innate desire of serving the customer and crafting the right solutions for them, this passion and attitude will be contagious.

  • The Staff member

Those that can sell well? They not only get the individual customer consultation right but they also focus on offering product suggestions to everyone that steps in the store. Whether it be showing the latest skin gadget, swatching trending seasonal colors, or pointing someone to a great wellness enhancer, they?ll do it because they are on a genuine mission to provide value.  With this, there is no magic. The law of averages simply comes into play. ?The more I try and sell, the more I will sell.? Their mindset is full of preparation of the day- not excuses!

  • The Reception

The Reception team is the start and end of your success since customers pick up products at the checkout/ reception desk.  The customer journey is made of details that will increase your chances in retail sales.

  • The Marketing

It?s important to create daily buzz around your retail products to inspire customer interest. I am shocked how easily businesses can overlook this. Successfully generating consistent retail sales through your marketing is a long-term strategy. Nurture and commit to it so you?ll experience real results.

  • The Merchandising

This one is the most impactful of them all. Merchandising can make or break your sales. Purposeful merchandising at reception, for example, will always stimulate customer curiosity. What does this area look like for you right now? Too many messages kill the messages. How many can you see? Create focus. Merchandise with intent.

Incorporating the points above will surely allow you to increase your retail sales even more. But the real solution is quite simple. If you want to sell, you will sell.

From a leadership perspective, to motivate your team is to be genuinely motivated yourself.  I meet a lot of owners and managers who are at their wits end about it all; feeling like they have tried everything. If you feel like this, how could you truly expect your team and staff to shift their own mindset?

Retail culture and expectations are created by business owners and managers. You have that power. And once that is defined and the strategy is clear, it?s all about ensuring the 6 key steps above are looked into and applied. Successful retail selling can truly be fun and bring you and your team much joy and pride.  The minute it becomes stressful is the minute you can dangerously slip back into former limiting beliefs and habits.

Love retail and retail will love you back!

Valerie Delforge is the founder and CEO of Delforge Management Consulting LTD whom is dedicated to setting up spas and retail boutiques for ultimate success through expert bespoke programmes and accessible online workshops. Learn more about Delforge Management Consulting here:

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Brand Spotlight: Why Social Responsibility Matters to Mouthcare Line The Humble Co.

Mouthcare is a segment of the personal care industry that sometimes gets overlooked in the switch from conventional to better beauty. But you could argue that it’s more important to have clean, safe toothpaste, and a sustainable toothbrush than is it to have nontoxic foundation. The Humble Co., an innovative brand that bases its products not just on safety but also on their environmental and social impact, is the perfect partner to build out a nontoxic mouthcare section of your retail shop. Here, we chatted with CEO Jimmie?Berggren to learn more about the ethos behind the The Humble Co.


Why is social responsibility core to The Humble Co. brand?

We truly believe that, in the enlightened days of 2018, all companies should prioritize developing products that are in fact good for consumers, humble towards our planet and socially responsible. It has been part of our brand since day one, actually even before day one, when The Humble Co.?s founder, Dr. Noel Abdayem, went to Jamaica as a dentist student to do volunteer work.

He then realized that when we are lucky enough to be born in an affluent part of the world, it should be our duty to take care of the less fortunate. Many children will never own any oral care products and we?re depleting natural resources and filling up the oceans with used plastic products.

To have the biggest impact possible, we work closely together with the Humble Smile Foundation, a global group of dental professionals who believe passionately that good oral care is necessary to lead a healthy life. The foundation implements projects all over the globe to serve children and communities in need. So far, we have helped over 150,000 children in over 30 countries around the world.

You’ve recently expanded the line to include toothpaste, gum and cotton buds. Tell us why those are important additions, and how they fit into the social responsibility ethos of your brand.

Making humanity-friendly as well as environment-friendly products that are socially responsible is part of the Humble DNA. It is a very natural progression for us to expand our first category of oral care products to include toothpaste, tongue cleaners, dental floss and floss picks, as well as other oral care accessories.

It is of course almost equally easy to look outside of our base portfolio and see that there are many products in today?s market that can be improved, products that don?t really have to be made from plastic. This is why we have released cotton swabs with a handle made out of bamboo, bamboo straws and biodegradable chewing gums, three products that are usually made of plastic and that play a big part in polluting our world, making it harder for all living creatures to lead a normal life.

Revenue from all our products supports our work with the Humble Smile Foundation, including our new additions.

The Humble Co. has a lot of certifications (vegan, cruelty free, certified organic, etc.). Why is that third-party classification/verification important to you as a brand?

The acknowledgment of unbiased, third-party certifiers is crucial for us. It gives us a multitude of benefits. We gain credibility when we can show that we are not only talking but actually keeping our promise of developing products that are good for you, humble towards our planet and socially responsible. It helps us when negotiating with retailers that want to sell our products. All our certifications, and as you mention we have quite a few, helps us to differentiate ourselves from companies claiming to do what we do but might not have the evidence to back it up. Lastly, but very important to mention, is the guidance it gives the consumer, who is more educated on these matters than ever before. They can buy our products with a clear conscience and know that we are the real deal.

What makes The Humble Co.’s original product, the Humble Brush, stand out?

Humble Brush is a toothbrush that is developed by dentists, that has a 100 percent sustainably grown and biodegradable bamboo handle, and part of its proceeds goes to the Humble Smile Foundation. It will clean just as well and last just as long as your regular plastic toothbrush, with the added benefits of being better for the environment and every Humble purchase funding projects for the benefit of children in need.

The Humble Brush is the only bamboo toothbrush in the market that has an eco-friendly packaging. Other companies put a bamboo toothbrush in a plastic blister, which, in our view, is doing something good but not really doing it all the way. One might even claim that it?s counterproductive since it depletes the initial purpose of replacing plastic.

If you want the true eco-friendly option in the market, the product with certifications to back up the claims, a product developed by dentists who know what constitutes a good toothbrush as well as part of the proceeds helping children around the world, then there is only one choice in the market?Humble Brush by The Humble Co.

What’s new/next for The Humble Co.? Anything you can share?

In our efforts to make eco-friendly products available and affordable for everybody in the U.S., Dollar Tree will sell a version of our toothbrush for only one dollar. We truly believe that everybody should be able to buy an eco-friendly toothbrush and contribute to a better world, no matter the size of their wallet.

Furthermore, we are increasing our reach in the U.S. with several new retail chains adding our products. Keep an eye out for exciting news coming this fall.

Finally, I would like to mention that we are currently expanding our product portfolio to include vegan certified and eco-friendly dental floss, interdental bamboo toothbrushes as well as the only eco-friendly flossers in the market?made from corn starch and vegan certified. Other additions are a toothbrush stand and a toothbrush travelers case, both made in bamboo.

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Trend Report: Conscious Beauty and Wellness

Sustainability and being environmentally conscious have risen to the forefront of the cultural conversation as climate change garners more scientific evidence and as things like tropical storms increase in severity and frequency. There’s no doubt that the impact of our human habits on the planet are becoming more and more visible. Natural beauty and wellness brands have been among the first to not just acknowledge that impact, but to also make changes to their products to become more environmentally friendly. It started with ingredients, and now it’s grown to packaging, preservatives and more. These are the Opal Avenue brands that keep innovating to ensure sustainability for both their products and the planet.

Meow Meow Tweet

Since its inception, vegan brand Meow Meow Tweet has been incredible environmentally conscious. From reducing its environmental impact by using only vegan ingredients to changing its lip balm tubes from plastic to the more easily bio-degradable cardboard, this brand is doing its part to ensure that it leaves the planet better than it found it.

Primal Derma

On the flip side of vegan, Primal Derma embraces the age-old idea that the cycles of life and death feed each other?and we can’t escape them. Grass-fed beef tallow, the brand’s superhero ingredient, has an at least 17,000 year pedigree of being used in skincare because its molecular structure is so similar to that of human skin. When ethically raised, this ingredient is a nod to sustainability, holding close the idea of using all parts of an animal, and not wasting anything.


BRAID’s product line promotes the healing properties found in nature so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals, preservatives or fillers running into our waterways or seeping into our earth. Their team is also passionate about providing pure beauty and wellness that gives back. For every product sold, BRAID gives to life changing supplies, mentorship and aid for homeless children. It’s note just about what the products themselves can do to impact the world, but how the ethos of the brand can create long-term change.

Katari Beauty

Katari products are clean, ancient, sustainable and responsible. Its founder sources every single ingredient all the way to its origin, while sharing stories of people behind it all. The brand packages its single ingredients in glass containers because it doesn’t like plastic. Its founder is also already working hard on the brand’s next generation of packaging to make an even smaller waste-print. The team upcycles every scrap of paper and cardboard its receives, and reuses all it can for a cleaner, better and simpler world.

Lunette Menstrual Cup

It’s been estimated that a woman will throw away between 250 and 300 pounds of tampons, pads and other sanitary products in her lifetime. Without adding to the shame surrounding periods, Lunette Menstrual Cup wants to help change that. A medical-grade, silicone, reusable cup, Lunette saves consumers money, keeps sanitary products out of landfills and helps the female reproductive system stay healthy by?collecting fluids rather than absorbing them, keeping your superior interior naturally lubricated and healthy.

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Trend Report: Beauty As Wellness















With ingredients taking the spotlight for healthy beauty brands, it’s no wonder a few lines have taken it further, and began to incorporate overall wellness into their ethos. It’s not just about what smells lovely, looks pretty and feels good?it’s about tapping into the customers’ desire to feel well and do good for their bodies and the planet. These Opal Avenue brands are taking the reigns when it comes to crafting beauty as wellness.

The Humble Co.

Founded by a small group of dentists from different parts of the world, The Humble Co. and Humble Smile Foundation were created from a shared commitment to oral health and an understanding that it?s not necessary to harm our environment just to brush our teeth properly.?Humble Brush has a handle made from 100% biodegradable, sustainably-grown bamboo. The bristles are made of nylon-6 bristles from Dupont. The packaging is eco-friendly, the box and inside wrapper are made from recycled materials, and can be thrown out with the organic trash. The brand’s focus on both good-for-you and good-for-the-planet materials makes it stand out worldwide.

Athena Teas

Athena Teas offers a simple way to integrate pure, single origin teas into a daily routine. Never blended or flavored, the teas express only their natural flavors and characteristics born of varied terroir and exquisite craftsmanship.?Carefully selected from around the world, the brand’s partners grow, harvest and process tea according to traditional methods. By limiting harvest to a few times a year, the tea plants grow slower, allowing beneficial antioxidants to concentrate in the buds and young leaves. That, with the combination of lower levels of caffeine and L-theanine, a natural compound unique to tea that has been prized by humans for thousands of years, are known to relax and focus the mind, giving customers a rich experience.

Cannabliss Organic

Cannabliss Organic skincare is made of naturally rich, full-spectrum hemp oil to provide numerous healing benefits. The line’s herbologist starts with a natural carrier oil as a base and adds powerful Korean herbs like Mulberry bark and panax ginseng to enhance the effectiveness of each product.?The founders believe in a holistic approach to life, and their natural, organic products nurture body and soul so you can be your best, true self, while reaping the benefits of powerful ingredients.


Majka founders developed healthy and convenient products that have been carefully researched and formulated with the finest ingredients. Each product was engineered to provide optimal lactation support and fundamental nutrition for mothers and their babies, giving Mom a way to recharge from the inside out, and helping ensure Baby has the nutrients needed for stable growth.


Mender brings non-gendered design thinking and a passion for botanical healing to their line of CBD bodycare. C0-created by an apothecary and doula well versed in the health benefits of CBD oil, MENDER utilizes rich, organic essential oils, locally sourced California olive oil and high-quality full-spectrum certified, third-party tested CBD extracted from non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp to balance and mend the body, and provide all humankind with healthy bodycare.

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Trend Report: The Man in the Mirror

It’s easy to assume that the beauty industry is propped up by women, especially when a recent survey indicated that millennial women?on average spend around $714 in the category while men only spend about $297 per year. But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for growth for men and women, and as the healthy, safer cosmetics industry expands, so does the chance to reach male consumers in new ways. Their female counterparts might have jumped on the nontoxic personal care bandwagon first, but male customers are ripe for the picking?and that’s why some of the smartest brands are tailoring their latest releases to (or building their bedrock on) unisex products, enticing the man in the mirror. Here are a few Opal Avenue brands leading this trend.

Trend Report:

PLANT Apothecary

The brand describes itself as “organic, unisex skincare and bath goodies for an inclusive audience?in packaging that you won’t mind keeping on view,” and for good reason. The products not only look beautiful in any bathroom, they also aren’t packaged with just the ladies in mind. PLANT’s scent blends are evocative, but not flowery or too sweet, making them accessible and intriguing for males and females alike. The simplicity of the line’s packaging is compounded by the short ingredient lists, easy-to-use instructions and recognizable formulas. Complicated serums that require customers to decipher their use are replaced with all-purpose products that make getting ready every day a snap.

Buck Naked Soap Company

With a recently released men’s line, Buck Naked Soap Company showed its ability to be ahead of the curve on men’s grooming. Products tailored to men’s needs (a shaving soap, a beard growth oil, a beard balm and more) make the brand stand out, and make men feel more comfortable to add to their personal care collection.?Through their small-batch operation, they make high-quality, handcrafted, vegan, cold-process products that are now bringing luxury nontoxic beauty to men and women alike.

SWAY Company

Traditionally, deodorant is one of the trickiest conventional products to ditch?men and women alike are used to anit-perspirants and have a hard time getting on board with the idea of actually experiencing sweat. For men who, on average, sweat more than women, it can be an even more daunting task. Enter SWAY Company’s Underarm Detox Kit for Men,?formulated with a special blend of organic, raw apple cider vinegar and natural ingredients. It works by restoring and maintaining the pH balance of underarms, which prevents odor-causing bacteria from thriving. And it’s scented with?W. Indian Sandalwood and Clary Sage for men, making the swap that much more appealing.


While it may seem like a flowery and fruity set of formulas, the unisex nature of all Thesis beauty products make it stand out. Face oils and mists that utilize herbs and botanicals dig down to the effectiveness of natural ingredients, and entice anyone looking for high-quality, potent ingredients. Its line of unscented products is particularly friendly to male customers, and makes it easy for families with different skin types or needs to streamline their purchases, focusing on one line that work for everyone.

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Trend Report: Scent-sory Experiences

Synthetic fragrance is one of the most potentially hazardous ingredients you can find in conventional cosmetics and personal care products. Why? Because in the United States, fragrance falls under trade secret laws that prevent companies from having to reveal their proprietary formulas?which means the term “fragrance” or “parfum” can contain hundreds of synthetic chemical components, including those banned by the FDA for being unsafe. These chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, birth defects, skin irritations, headaches and more.

Clean and green beauty brands have long set themselves apart by avoiding synthetic fragrances in exchange for natural scents that come from essential oils. This creates products that are not only safer to use, but also carry the potency of distilled plants. The documented healing and mood-boosting properties of essential oils?has made them increase in popularity, and made consumers sit up and take notice. Brands are now capitalizing on the properties of essential oils to create more effective products that also carry the benefit of creating a scent-sory experience. Read on for the Opal Avenue brands that are leading the charge.

Trend Report: Scent-sory Experiences














ADORAtherapy Mood Boosts

ADORAtherapy’s entire line is based on the principle of being more than perfume. The potent, high-concentration blends of essential oils are designed to become part of your daily ritual for well-being. Using expertly sourced and formulated ingredients, ADORAtherapy’s Mood Boosts help create habits for self-love and self-care by empowering women and men to pay attention to and embrace their moods. Designed like a perfume with a top, middle and base note, Mood Boosts actually take their users beyond perfume, empowering them to make healthier choices to shift their moods.

?Buck Naked Soap Company Energizing Marigold Bath Bomb

Buck Naked Soap Company is an all natural, vegan, handcrafted luxury beauty brand. The small-batch operation makes cold-process natural soap and bath products using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients. Their bath bombs pack an essential oil punch, each designed to create a scent-sory experience with each use. They’re crafted to set a particular mood, creating a calm and relaxing experience. Drop one into a warm-water-filled tub and experience the shift in mood you need!

Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner

With pure essential oils alongside potent plant extracts, Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner brings to the forefront the impact of scent. A spritz of the tonic refreshes and renews mood as much as it tones and brightens skin. As a pick-me-up during the day, this sweetly scented face mist captures the power of plants and harnesses them for your use any day, any time. It creates balance on the skin, and balance in the body by encouraging a moment to pause and reflect, reset and rejuvenate.

Meow Meow Tweet Outdoor Spray (Insect Repellent)

Everything in the Meow Meow Tweet line is expertly blended to create a beautiful and beneficial scent-sory experience with each use. But the product that stands out as harnessing the potency of essential oils the most is the line’s Outdoor Spray. It functions nearly like a natural perfume, the combo of EOs is so inviting and calming. Lavender, lemongrass, fir, geranium and cedar blend together perfectly for a woodsy, yet light and botanical scent that feels like a treat, even as you’re applying it to ward off bugs (with zero toxic chemicals). Meow Meow Tweet has taken a previously annoying and frustrating experience (read: DEET application) and created a pleasant and fun ritual that you’ll want to engage in all summer (and fall and winter) long.


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Trend Report: Products to Enhance Your Summer Experience

Seasonal eating is all the rage, but what about seasonal skincare and personal care products? Taking advantage of nontoxic beauty that enhances your summer experience is what this season is all about. From fruit-infused skincare to natural deodorant that utilizes fresh scents, let’s take a closer look at Opal Avenue brands that bring seasonality to the forefront.

Harmony + Blossom Jasmine & Sea Salt Hair Mist

This new natural sea salt hair texturizing mist is enriched with aloe vera to hydrate hair, and jasmine floral water to freshen and nourish each strand of hair. It’s naturally fragrant with a beautiful scent that also brings vitality to flat, limp hair, leaving it looking fresh and voluminous. The combination of water, jasmine floral water, and Atlantic sea salt work together to give you effortless, beach-ready waves while the aloe vera soothes the scalp and tames frizz. While we love it for summery beach waves, it can be used to enhance strands all year round.

Thesis Facial Mask Strawberry Dessert

Formulated with real organic strawberries, this dry to wet mask provides full antioxidant benefits with each application. Strawberries provide protection for your skin, have soothing properties, tighten pores and gently exfoliate, helping get rid of breakouts, blemishes and clogged pores. Truly natural and organic luscious ingredients brighten, detoxify and clarify skin with fresh, summery fruits. Especially beneficial for dry, blemished, tired skin and any complexion in need of an extra vitamin boost, Thesis’ Strawberry Dessert mask is rich in anti-aging antioxidants, organic acids and natural vitamins. Applied regularly, this mask helps skin cope with blemishes and signs of environmental and sun damage, and improves skin?s tone, texture and appearance.

Cleo & Coco Men’s Basil Mint Natural Deodorant

Not just for women, this trend highlights products for men as well, like Cleo & Coco’s Men’s Basil Mint Natural Deodorant. Gentle enough to be used daily, this nontoxic deodorant is formulated with coconut-derived activated charcoal and bentonite clay magnets that naturally draw out and eliminate odor-causing toxins, bacteria and wetness. It assists and supports the body’s natural daily detox process.?Plus, the refreshing, summery scent is a bold minty citrus with fresh and uplifting basil, peppermint and orange essential oils (it may be marketed for men, but women and teens will love it too).

Superieur Electrolytes Fresh Watermelon Mix

Sourced from real fruits, Superieur Electrolytes’ vitamin C and ionic sea minerals mix is a perfect way to enhance summer activities. The powder, which you can toss in your water bottle each morning, takes advantage of real-food-extracted vitamin C from acerola berry to give an immune-boosting punch?lab-made ascorbic acid found in other formulas isn?t the complete vitamin and therefore can?t give you the same effect.?Bamboo extract, rich in the mineral silica, is a antioxidant that can help contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails. Ionic sea minerals, which contain essential electrolytes like magnesium and other trace minerals, help the body repair and replenish, whether you?ve just completed a workout or you?ve been sweating at the beach all day.

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Trend Report: 360 Degrees of Wellness for Mother’s Day

Stocking up on incredible Mother’s Day gifts is a retailer’s task this time of spring. With so much going on in the realm of Mom, how do you stand out? We’re seeing a significant increase in presents that represent more than just a token. Instead, gifts that encourage self-care and wellness are taking the lead this year. With a focus on pampering Mom holistically, let’s dive deep into a few Opal Avenue brands that bring 360-degree wellness for Mother’s Day to the forefront.

Poethique Skincare

Po?thique (po-eth-eek) is inspired by the vast knowledge of natural beauty ingredients that has been collected and refined over the ages by women of all cultures, across the world. The brand sources its ingredients from diverse locations all around the world, from the rainforests of Australia to the heart of India.?They then combine these prized ingredients with their green chemistry expertise to create products that are effective, toxin-free and incredibly indulgent. Po?thique products work especially well on sensitive skin, and with regular use, the line encourages skin to return to its natural healthy state?glowing and balanced. Opal Avenue recommends for Mom:?Radiance Boosting Serum

Athena Teas

Athena Teas offers a simple way to integrate pure, single origin teas into your daily routine. Never blended or flavored, the brand’s teas express only their natural flavors and characteristics born of varied terroir and exquisite craftsmanship.?Carefully selected from around the world, Athena Teas’ partners grow, harvest and process tea according to traditional methods. By limiting harvest to a few times a year, the tea plants grow slower, allowing beneficial antioxidants to concentrate in the buds and young leaves. Opal Avenue recommends for Mom: Spring Oolong

Moon & Jai

A conscious lifestyle brand that creates elegant tools to inspire personal transformation, intentional living, connection to ritual and dwelling in magic, Moon & Jai brings beautiful kits into your world. They refresh your home with a clean scent, add antiviral and antibacterial elements, change the ionic composition of the air to bring in more negative ions, and clear your space energetically. Each kit, focused on a specific purpose, taps into the love and energy you need to manifest your biggest dreams.?Opal Avenue recommends for Mom: LOVE Kit

sundays Nail Polish

Featuring high quality, pure ingredients, sundays nontoxic nail polish line puts Mom’s health, happiness and well-being first, without compromising a luxurious, long-lasting finish.?sundays 10-free nail polish is formulated without the 10 hazardous chemical additives commonly found in nail polish. Plus, the line is proudly cruelty free and vegan, and never tests on animals or uses animal by-products. It brings beautiful, classic colors with a trendy twist to the nontoxic nails realm. Opal Avenue Recommends for Mom: No. 7, a rose beige

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Brand Spotlight: Honua Skincare on Its Traditional Healing Approach

It’s rare to find a skincare line that doesn’t categorize its products by skin type. Acneic skin? Use this. Dry skin? Try this. Mature skin? This one’s for you. We’ve been conditioned to believe that certain skin types deserve different formulas and rituals. But what if that’s not true? What if skincare can be a one-size-fits-all, because it addresses the root cause of skin issues, instead of glossing over them? That’s what we’ve discovered with Hawaiian skincare line Honua Skincare. Named for the Hawaiian word for Earth (Honua), this potent line is infused with unique botanicals that its esthetician founder, Kapua Browning, realized helped her sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin. We chatted with Kapua to discover the magic (yes, it’s truly magical) behind this four-step Hawaiian ritual.

What is Honua‘s traditional healing approach?

In traditional healing, the healer looks at the root cause of the conditions one is experiencing, rather than trying to mask individual symptoms. I grew up in Hawaii receiving mainly Hawaiian and Eastern healing for health issues, and then married a man who practiced the art of la’au lapa’au or Hawaiian healing with plants. When I became an esthetician 12 years ago, I began looking at skin conditions the same way. I researched heavily and found that inflammation was one of the main causes of most skin conditions. I also found that free radicals and oxidation also contributed, along with improper exfoliation and hydration. So when I found key Hawaiian healing botanicals that addressed these root causes, we were able to develop a single line for all skin types and conditions. We have successfully treated acne, rosaces, hyper-pigmentation, pre-mature aging, dehydrated and dry skin… all using our single line.

What key ingredients help support the traditional healing approach and suitability for all skin types?

‘?lena?(Hawaiian Turmeric) is our anti-inflammatory powerhouse,?Noni?is our anti-oxidant, phyto-nutrient rich free radical fighter,?‘Alo ‘Alo?(hibiscus) acts as our gentle exfoliant for all skin types, and?Kukui and Kamani Oil?are non-comedogenic oils that are rich in skin reviving omega fatty acids, and have been known to help with skin regeneration and scarring. We use many more Hawaiian botanicals, but these are some that are used in a few products.

What makes you stand out from other Hawaiian skincare lines?

Honua was born out of the desire to share our culture, traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals, methodologies and authentic ALOHA spirit with the world.

What are you most proud of with Honua?

The many people’s skin we have helped by creating Honua. We get emails quite often that bring me to tears, from customers who had struggled with their skin for years before finding Honua. We love that we can often get results with our simple Hawaiian formulas.

How do you suggest people use Honua?

We priced our line, to not have to be a luxury that is used sparingly… but more of a daily line for skin health. Use the four-step Honua ritual daily during your time of self-care, and our masks weekly. Our boxes also share our ALOHA message on the inside of each. We invite our customers to experience ALOHA daily and reflect on the message while enjoying their Honua ritual.

What’s next for Honua?

We recently partnered with a non-profit, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and have created an Oceans love line that will be released this summer. In the collection we will be launching MALU:a Protecting Day Cream +SPF 30, and Moana: an ocean inspired mask. A percentage of proceeds from this collection will go to our nonprofit partner. We will also be co-sponsoring a huge beach cleanup on Oahu with one of our stockists, Beauty Heroes.