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Brand Spotlight: Honua Skincare on Its Traditional Healing Approach

It’s rare to find a skincare line that doesn’t categorize its products by skin type. Acneic skin? Use this. Dry skin? Try this. Mature skin? This one’s for you. We’ve been conditioned to believe that certain skin types deserve different formulas and rituals. But what if that’s not true? What if skincare can be a one-size-fits-all, because it addresses the root cause of skin issues, instead of glossing over them? That’s what we’ve discovered with Hawaiian skincare line Honua Skincare. Named for the Hawaiian word for Earth (Honua), this potent line is infused with unique botanicals that its esthetician founder, Kapua Browning, realized helped her sun-damaged and hyperpigmented skin. We chatted with Kapua to discover the magic (yes, it’s truly magical) behind this four-step Hawaiian ritual.

What is Honua‘s traditional healing approach?

In traditional healing, the healer looks at the root cause of the conditions one is experiencing, rather than trying to mask individual symptoms. I grew up in Hawaii receiving mainly Hawaiian and Eastern healing for health issues, and then married a man who practiced the art of la’au lapa’au or Hawaiian healing with plants. When I became an esthetician 12 years ago, I began looking at skin conditions the same way. I researched heavily and found that inflammation was one of the main causes of most skin conditions. I also found that free radicals and oxidation also contributed, along with improper exfoliation and hydration. So when I found key Hawaiian healing botanicals that addressed these root causes, we were able to develop a single line for all skin types and conditions. We have successfully treated acne, rosaces, hyper-pigmentation, pre-mature aging, dehydrated and dry skin… all using our single line.

What key ingredients help support the traditional healing approach and suitability for all skin types?

‘?lena?(Hawaiian Turmeric) is our anti-inflammatory powerhouse,?Noni?is our anti-oxidant, phyto-nutrient rich free radical fighter,?‘Alo ‘Alo?(hibiscus) acts as our gentle exfoliant for all skin types, and?Kukui and Kamani Oil?are non-comedogenic oils that are rich in skin reviving omega fatty acids, and have been known to help with skin regeneration and scarring. We use many more Hawaiian botanicals, but these are some that are used in a few products.

What makes you stand out from other Hawaiian skincare lines?

Honua was born out of the desire to share our culture, traditional Hawaiian healing botanicals, methodologies and authentic ALOHA spirit with the world.

What are you most proud of with Honua?

The many people’s skin we have helped by creating Honua. We get emails quite often that bring me to tears, from customers who had struggled with their skin for years before finding Honua. We love that we can often get results with our simple Hawaiian formulas.

How do you suggest people use Honua?

We priced our line, to not have to be a luxury that is used sparingly… but more of a daily line for skin health. Use the four-step Honua ritual daily during your time of self-care, and our masks weekly. Our boxes also share our ALOHA message on the inside of each. We invite our customers to experience ALOHA daily and reflect on the message while enjoying their Honua ritual.

What’s next for Honua?

We recently partnered with a non-profit, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii and have created an Oceans love line that will be released this summer. In the collection we will be launching MALU:a Protecting Day Cream +SPF 30, and Moana: an ocean inspired mask. A percentage of proceeds from this collection will go to our nonprofit partner. We will also be co-sponsoring a huge beach cleanup on Oahu with one of our stockists, Beauty Heroes.