Children’s Boutique, Jillian’s Drawers, Puts Community First.

In 2005, what started as a grassroots idea to help parents learn the ropes of cloth diapering quickly morphed into a central meeting & physical space.  Now, Jillian’s Drawers finds itself in a 2,300+ square foot retail store thriving in Ithaca, NY. Their incredible and unconventional secret to success? Putting profits towards that which they […]

World’s First 3D Boutique: Beautyque NYC

When we say that our retail community here at Opal Avenue is conscious and courageous – we mean it! Independent retail entrepreneurs are passionately dreaming up what’s next and pushing the envelope of what’s possible for their stores. Minimizing carbon footprints, choosing honestly good products, and bravely shifting as the landscape evolves around them daily. […]

Natural Beauty That Works: Meet Retailer h2o closet – Modern Apothecary

What you do get when two industry veterans launch their own retail shop with a focus on products that actually do what they claim? h2o closet – Modern Apothecary, a boutique chain of two stores in La Quinta and Palm Springs, California. Read on to get a full picture of what makes this retailer stand […]

A Beauty Apothecary for the New Age: Meet Veer & Wander

What do you get when you combine expertise in the industry with cool-girl San Fran vibes? A modern apothecary dedicated to cleaner, greener options. Veer & Wander, a salon and beauty boutique in San Francisco, wants to be a place customers linger, where they can learn more about beauty and create rituals for themselves. Here, […]

Helping Solve Women’s Health Issues: Meet In Her Love Boutique

With women’s health issues in the news seemingly constantly in 2018, boutiques like In Her Love in Austin, Texas, are leading the charge to provide women with natural treatments for a host of female concerns. In Her Love focuses on V Steaming (vaginal steaming), a non-invasive, natural, and holistic way to detox and cleanse a […]

Growing and Slowing: Lady Farmer

After a year of preparation, mother-daughter duo Emma and Mary Kingsley are kicking off their dream of bringing clothing from seed to sold. We talked to them about the healing energy of mother earth from their 200-year-old farmhouse and agriculture preserve, just before the sheep shearers arrived. Meet Lady Farmer. Tell us how your business […]