Handling Exchanges & Returns

What are the rules for retailer returns?

In general, we say that in order to be eligible for help with returns, we ask retailers to promptly inspect their orders and report any issues, discrepancies, or damages to us and the vendor within 72 hours of receiving. However, retailer requests for returns or exchanges MUST be made within the timeframe specified in your vendor policies. Your return policy takes precedent.  For products with return policies listed as final sale or non-returnable, returns will not be accepted for those products.

Where do I list my product return policy?

You can communicate your returns & exchange policy to retailers by adding it to the Return Policy section of your vendor store. To do this go to — Brand Dashboard > Settings > Policies > Return Policy.

How can I help a retailer initiate a return through Opal Avenue?

Retailers can initiate approved returns for your products by contacting Opal Avenue Customer Service (info@opalavenue.com) with the order number, name of item the retailer would like to return and reason for requesting a return including images. Once the retailer submits a return request, Opal Avenue will notify you by email. At that time, we’ll ask you to  reply with an approval of the return with detailed return instructions for the retailer. The items must be returned to you by the retailer according to your return policy or instructions and with a physical printed copy of Opal Avenue’s return approval email. Vendor may provide the retailer, at its discretion, with a prepaid shipping label to facilitate the return of the item. 

How does payment reversal work for returns on Opal Avenue?

You must promptly communicate the receipt of the returned items to Opal Avenue Customer service (info@opalavenue.com). Once you confirm that all items are in saleable condition or are accounted for, we will then issue a refund to the retailer. A retailer’s refund (minus cost of shipping, if applicable) will be processed by Opal Avenue within 10-15 business days from that notice. The refund will be issued back to Retailer’s original payment credit card. In the event of refund on an order which Opal Avenue has already paid out to you, we will deduct the total cost of that order, including shipping, from your payment of the current month’s accrued orders. If your current month’s order total is less than the refund amount due, Opal Avenue’s Accounting Department will issue you a bill.

How does Opal Avenue ask us to handle exchanges?

Opal Avenue does not directly offer product exchanges to retailers. If a replacement or exchange is deemed by you to be the appropriate solution to your approved return request (for ex: in the case of incorrectly shipped product or damaged product), the retailer will be connected to you to handle and facilitate that exchange.