Helping Solve Women’s Health Issues: Meet In Her Love Boutique

With women’s health issues in the news seemingly constantly in 2018, boutiques like In Her Love in Austin, Texas, are leading the charge to provide women with natural treatments for a host of female concerns. In Her Love focuses on V Steaming (vaginal steaming), a non-invasive, natural, and holistic way to detox and cleanse a woman’s intimate area. Using a warmth of steam-infused herbs, it can help support the treatment of many gynecology problems such as infertility, cyst, fibroids, BV, dryness, PCOS, cramps, and many more vaginal-related issues. We checked in with Ciara Love to find out more about her treatments and how she’s using clean, healthy products as a supplement to her services.
In Her Love is the premier V Steam Spa and Womb Wellness Boutique in Austin, Texas. Where did the idea and inspiration to start In Her Love come from?
I was first introduced to vaginal steaming while trying to figure out and help my own personal issues with vaginal health. I wanted a natural way to cure and heal the issues many women face today without invasive surgery or birth control pills. Once I started to see results within my own body, I knew I had to tell more women and spread the knowledge I acquired of a healthier and natural way to deal with gynecological problems. That?s when I thought of In Her Love and the passion has followed ever since then.
When you think about the vision for In Her Love, what gets you excited?
When I think about the future of In Her Love, I see a complete natural wellness center that includes combining my two loves: mind-body fitness classes and vaginal steaming. Incorporating fitness and health/wellness into one space for women to learn more about their body would be a dream come true.
In addition to the holistic services that you offer, how do you decide which products to stock? What guidelines do you have in place that brands have to measure up to before you’ll stock them?
It’s important for me to know where the products come from, how they are packaged, and most importantly, the ingredients. I only get my herbs from a certified herbalist. There are no additional ingredients added and I order towards what my clients need. The intake form that I give to my clients prior to their appointment determines what I need most of and how I should stock my products. I really try to look for small businesses that are looking to get their name out there and if they have organic washes and other feminine products, then it’s even better. I love supporting small companies, they are super detailed, have excellent customer service, and always provide me with a great product that satisfies most, if not all, my clients.
What important shifts or trends have you seen in the health and wellness movement over the last few years? What trends do you believe we’ll be seeing more of?
Health and wellness have definitely been one of the biggest trends. Small boutiques for fitness really took off and is still currently on the rise. People want to take their health into their own hands. Now I feel we are seeing a natural trend. Women and even men want to start to find alternative ways to take care of their body, they want to eat better, work out smarter and really learn about their own bodies and what they respond too. I definitely believe we will see more of these trends steadily increase and see more innovation behind it.
We’d love to know, what does living a life of wellness mean to you?
Living a life of wellness is truly a life that has been extremely fulfilling to me. It helps me radiate a positive attitude that I feel always puts me in the right places at the right time. My fitness lifestyle has been such a blessing to me and all the people around me. I’m able to share my passion and improve and enhance the lifestyle of other people and that means the world to me.
We can’t help to ask what’s next for your store? What are your future plans and dreams for In Her Love?
Of course, we want to franchise! My business partner and I are amazed at all the support we have received and definitely want to open another In Her Love boutique in the next few months. We also want to introduce A Steaming (Anal Steaming)… that’s right! It’s for men and there are just as many benefits for men as there are for women. Our ultimate dream, of course, is just to spread the word of a healthy and non-invasive way to treat and heal gynecological issues that SO many women are faced with daily. We want women everywhere to take their vaginal health back into their own hands and learn how to support natural prevention, treatment, and health.