Motivating Your Team When It Comes To Retail Selling (Part 6) – Create ‘Buzz’ About Your Retail Offerings

We’ve reached part 5 in our ongoing Retail Reflections series “How Can I Motivate My Team When It Comes To Retail Selling?” where we uncover the essential elements that can help you increase your retail sales. 

In the last week’s we have walked through simple and actionable steps for tuning each of these parts of your business to supercharge sales. 

The Customer Journey

The Manager

The Staff Member

The Reception

The Marketing

Today, we are going to explore how your MARKETING activities are the key to create that buzz around your retail sales, entice customers to purchase and build brand awareness. 

We often look at retail in 1 dimension – how it happens inside our store. However, our selling universe goes beyond this. It’s important to think of our business as a brand and how it is represented from a digital point of view. 

Marketing can be diverse and confusing. It also can evolve too fast for comfort! Platforms are constantly changing the rules of the algorithm and rolling out new features. It’s tough to keep up when we are bogged down with the operational aspect of the business. This quickly puts marketing to-do’s as a strategy. 

What are the common marketing pitfalls that keep coming up for us business owners?

  • No consistency
  • Lack of ideas
  • Reacting, not planning for the long term
  • Unclear calls to action
  • Our online platform isn’t optimized

So how can we take back control of our messaging and mold it to increase retail sales?

Remember that clients are first and foremost buying into your brand. Didn’t think you had one? You do. And it’s what has been drawing customers to you from the very beginning. They love to feel attached to what you are representing and the brands you have curated around it. To bring a buzz into your business, leverage what is already easily accessible to you:

  • Talk about the brands and their stories, the customer buys the dream, a desire, as much as the product itself.

  • Every time you post, intentionally focus on 1 of 4 types of messages that are known to create impact for an audience.  Educational, Informational, Connection, or Promotional. Now, who is this intended to target? Existing customers, new customers, or both?  Always walk yourself through these checkpoints. That way you will be clear and your call to action will be efficient. 
  • Revisit your ‘Why’: Why have you chosen these brands? Why do you believe in them? Why do you want them to be represented in your business? The more you know why you have chosen these brands, the more you will be authentic in your messaging and your brand voice.  

  • Reinforce your USP (Unique Selling Point) every time you want to shout about your retail brand: Are your brands unique because of a special feature? Are they exclusive to your town? We often forget how special we are! Tooting your own horn, being your own cheer squad, will allow you to consistently paint a clear picture of how you stand out from every other retailer.  

  • Measure your campaign’s success. This one is important! if it was successful, you want to do more of that and if it wasn’t, why wasn’t it and what can you tweak to make it happen? Taking the time to measure success seldom happens, yet it allows you to understand your client’s spending habits, what they are spending it on, and what they want from you. 

When time is short or when we’re faced with uncertainty, marketing and staff training programs are the first two things to become inconsistent even though they are the critical fuel that feed your sales engine. But this can change. And it can change today by starting with the strategies we just walked through. One at a time. Build up to it if you have to. But start. Or restart if it’s slipped recently. 

How can one stay consistent? Break it up into 4 yearly phases. Work out your marketing strategy per quarter at first. From this framework, break these up further into steps you can manageably take on. It’s important to be consistent. Consistency is the ultimate winning strategy. So ensure you have regular check ins that follow-up on all the activities. 

The product itself isn’t enough. Create brand awareness that will not only bring you satisfaction but generate fans of your brand ethos, mission, and values. 

Love retail & retail will love you back!

Valerie Delforge, Contributing Expert


Valerie Delforge is the founder and CEO of Delforge Management Consulting LTD whom is dedicated to setting up spas and retail boutiques for ultimate success through expert bespoke programmes and accessible online workshops. Learn more about Delforge Management Consulting here:

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