Motivating Your Team When It Comes To Retail Selling (Part 7) – Enticing Merchandising That Boosts Sales

We come to our final point of the Retail Reflections series “How Can I Motivate My Team When It Comes To Retail Selling?” where we uncover the essential elements that can help you increase your retail sales. We’ve walked through 5 of 6 vital components of a supercharged retail strategy. Today, let’s discover how Merchandising becomes an extremely important aspect of your retail sales:

The Customer Journey

The Manager

The Staff Member

The Reception

The Marketing

The Merchandising

Merchandising is oftentimes misunderstood as simple shelf placement. On the contrary, merchandising is a subtle and subliminal message that entices customers to purchase MORE. 

From in-store design to the selection of specific merchandise to match a target market, I have seen an increase of up to 20% in retail sales when the merchandising strategy was improved within a business. 

So what are the top tips for creating the most enticing merchandising? 

  1. Create a strong product visibility plan that is in line with your marketing strategy by refreshing your display monthly and even weekly. And if possible, the retail area’s general ambiance can be refreshed on this schedule as well. Now, this doesn’t mean giving it an interior design makeover each time. What is within your power and ability to refresh? Get creative! Allow the customer to re-discover everything that you have to offer; you will be surprised by the effect it will have on your sales. 

2. Define your customer flow the minute they walk through the doors. What do they immediately see? Where do they tend to go next? I call this the Hot Spot: where the eyes go straight away. This is where your main messaging should go such as your promotional activities or product of the month. By defining the customer’s natural path through your store, you will find that you can entice customers quickly.

3. Every space and square meter of your business matters. It’s so important to analyze it yearly and look at every opportunity that you might have. Is there somewhere that would benefit from having a poster? Or a “Try Me” tester stand? Analyze all of this by visiting other retail spaces and look how cleverly they are advertising across their business. Once you start noticing that, you realize that everything has a place and designed to entice you as a customer.

4. Window displays are the soul of the business. But it can go wrong! From heavy dust to the display that is seldom changed, window displays tell a story to the world. Test and edit. Keep it intentional. Passers-by are more often drawn in by a simple yet strong display rather than a crowded array of products. Equally, changing your displays monthly and according to your marketing plan, will create a subtle buzz around your products.

5. Adopt a solution seeking mindset when it comes to in-store product discovery. This pandemic has made it difficult for people to touch and explore products like before. How do we encourage exploration again? Well, how about the staff handling the tester so the customer can try? What about a sampling campaign sent to your top clients? Sealed trial samples to try at home? Retail is far from dying as some people think. It’s just about finding creative ways to help our customers feel safe and taken care of. Trust is also a driver of sales. 

A thoughtful merchandising strategy amplifies retail sales. If your display looks disorganised or messy, it can unconsciously throw off clients and have the opposite effect of what you’re hoping for. But if it looks too clinical, customers will feel like they cannot touch anything. Visual merchandising contributes immensely to your customer journey and should never be underestimated. Test and edit to find the right balance for your customers. You’ll gain immediate feedback – as sales. 

Remember! Love retail & retail will love you back!

Valerie Delforge, Contributing Expert


Valerie Delforge is the founder and CEO of Delforge Management Consulting LTD whom is dedicated to setting up spas and retail boutiques for ultimate success through expert bespoke programs and accessible online workshops. Learn more about Delforge Management Consulting here:

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