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Strong nails are natural indicators of good health. But with the constant handwashing, the regular application of drying hand-sanitizers, or anxiety-induced chewing habits, it’s easy for them to get in such a drab state. For many, the condition of their hands and nails creates big insecurities. And available nail growth polishes and treatments are not typically known for their pleasant smell or non-controversial ingredients.

For Leslie Holland, using these questionable products at the expense of her health was no longer okay. There had to be a BETTER way. Today, we introduce you to Leslie’s remarkable brand – Woo Me Beauty and their first of its kind nail growth serum with clean ingredients that you can recognize! Does it work you ask? It perfectly hydrates cuticles, heals hangnails, STOPS the urge to bite nails, and promotes healthy growth in just 2 weeks! It’s honestly good.

Leslie Holland, Founder – Woo Me Beauty (

Thanks for chatting with us today Leslie! We’ve been eager to sit down with you since you launched on Opal Avenue. Many have been waiting a very long time to find effective nail growth products that don’t use harmful chemicals. Now here it is with raving reviews! Can you tell us more about Woo Me Beauty nail care?

Yes, Woo Me Beauty offers an all-natural product that promotes healthy nail growth. Our products are handmade and only contain 5 ingredients!

Only 5 ingredients. Incredible! Where did the inspiration to create your all-natural nail growth serum come from?

I love nails and everything nail art. But I hate the way my nails look after removing gel nail polish. It leaves my nails brittle, broken and I always have to start my nail growth process over. A few years ago, I suffered from fibroids. Unfortunately, I am is not alone; many women, Black women especially, are living and suffering with fibroids. During my research on how to naturally restore my health, I focused on things that went and on my body. I started researching non-toxic nail growth serums that would fit my lifestyle. I have learned that formaldehyde is the leading ingredient in nail growth serums and is also an endocrine disruptor. Formaldehyde can be found in the bloodstream only two hours after application. This is the moment decided to start my own nail growth serum.

How would you recommend someone use the Woo Me Beauty Nail Growth Serum to achieve the best results?

There are many ways to use this product. I recommend customers use this during their morning and night routine. After washing your hands. Also, you can use this as nail and hand treatment. This treatment method is here.

Woo Me Beauty is quickly winning over the hearts of customers and earning stellar reviews. What have been some of your favorite customer testimonials?

Honestly, it’s tough to choose out of all of the testimonials because I love them all. It just reassures me that my products work.

Having access to a nail growth serum that is toxin-free and made with safe ingredients is important to many people.  What other products are available in the Woo Me Beauty line?

We have our sustainable glass nail file. I love this product because you can shape, buff, and shine your nails. A great 3 in 1.

Woo Me Beauty’s Glass Nail File with Case, Nail Growth Serum, Nail Growth Serum Travel Pen. (Available at

You make Woo Me Beauty available to retailers as well. What are some of the ways you help support your retailers?

I make sure to provide them with updated brand and lifestyle images of my product. I also promote and redirect customers to our retail partners when possible.

These things are of great help to retailers. Glad to see that Woo Me Beauty does this! Now as far as what’s coming in the future, when you think about the vision for Woo Me Beauty, what gets you the most excited?

I’m currently excited about the new projects that I am working on with our product developer. We are hoping to launch our new additions early next year!


Conscious & clean. All of Woo Me Beauty’s products are cruelty-free and are verified free from 2,000 ingredients linked to health & environmental concerns.

Retailers sign in to to explore Woo Me Beauty’s full product range, minimums, standard wholesale pricing, and complete ingredient information.

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