Payments For Orders

How to retailers pay for their orders on Opal Avenue?

Retail buyers pay up front with a credit card for wholesale orders they place on Opal Avenue. Opal Avenue absorbs the credit card processing and transaction fees associated.

When do vendors get paid for orders?

Monthly. Payments to you for your accrued orders within the previous month will be paid out on the 10th of the following month by mailed check. For example: all of your completed orders in February will be paid out to you on March 10th. Opal Avenue’s commission on orders will be taken out of this amount. 

What commission rate does Opal Avenue take on orders?

Opal Avenue takes a 15% commission on orders. Opal Avenue’s commission will be taken out of your monthly payment statement.

Retailers paid for shipping on Opal Avenue too. How is the payout of that back to me handled?

Shipping charges collected on your orders will be issued to you in your monthly payment statement. No commission is taken out of shipping fees.

How do I provide or change my bank information to receive payments?

Your bank and billing information was taken at the time of your registration to Opal Avenue. If you wish to make changes to this information, please contact to make these changes. 

How will I know if I’ve been paid?

You can see the status of your vendor payments directly from your Brand Dashboard. As orders are placed for your products, you will see these transactions listed in detail including the payments that have been paid out and the payments that are due to you.

At this time, payment for your completed orders will be issued by mailed check. Please allow between 7-14 days for your payment check to arrive.