Promoting Your Vendor Store

How do I share that my products are listed on Opal Avenue?

We have learned that retail buyers see value in knowing that a brand has passed Opal Avenue’s extensive ingredient review process and are confirmed to be free of over 2,000 ingredients linked to health and environmental harm. You meet this gold standard. Share it proudly! Active Opal Avenue vendors can display the Opal Avenue Clean Standard badge on the wholesale page of your website, reseller email newsletter, and social media posts on an ongoing basis.

You are also welcome to copy and paste this approved verbiage for your announcements and ongoing use while you are an active vendor on the Opal Avenue marketplace:

“We can now be found on Opal Avenue! Home to honestly good products, the Opal Avenue wholesale marketplace operates with the highest ingredient standards in commerce. Every product listed is confirmed to be free of over 2,000 ingredients linked to health and environmental harm. All of our products meet this gold standard and we are proud to join Opal Avenue. Retailers, explore our products now on Opal Avenue.”

How does search work?

There are several ways Retailers can search for products on Opal Avenue. They can specifically seek out a vendor and click on their vendor store. They can access the full list of vendors and go about their general search in this way. Lastly, they can use the search functionality to narrow down their product search by product type, features, values, and other attributes. 

How can I show up on search results more often?

The search functionality allows buyers to discover new products as well as quickly find existing suppliers. Vendors can increase the likelihood that their products will show up in a search by using relevant attribute key words for each product as they are uploaded into their vendor store. You can add attribute key words for each of your products individually inside the product Attributes tab of your product settings. Here you can select from the available attribute key words.

— Brand Dashboard > Products > Edit Product > Attributes > Select an Attribute > Add

Are there more marketing activities I can do?

Vendors may participate in optional marketing programs and services provided by Opal Avenue to further engage users and enhance visibility of vendor’s products on the platform. Vendors will be notified of optional marketing programs as they become available. By choosing to participate and register for optional marketing programs, the vendor agrees to adhere to that specific marketing program’s policies and schedule of fees as indicated.