Sage Beauty Boutique: A Sophisticated Way to Indulge in Green Beauty

Sage Beauty Boutique in Bend, Oregon, stands out in a sea of retailers for not just its high standards when it comes to healthy, clean beauty, but also for providing its clients with a place for treatments and services that utilize green beauty brands. Owner + Founder Ivy Schnepp opens up about her vision for the shop, and what’s in store for the beauty industry in our latest retailer spotlight.

How did you become interested in healthy, sustainable products? What inspired you to open Sage Beauty?

I have always been interested in health and beauty. I started eating organic foods (before it was mainstream) when I was in college (in the late nineties). So for me, it all really began with food and wellness. I opened Sage Beauty because after my family moved to Bend from Portland, I realized there weren’t any places to buy makeup and skincare. Everyone complains about the lack of shopping and having to buy everything online so I started to put together a business plan to open a beauty boutique. I wanted my business to be like a clean version of the CosBar.

When you think about the vision for Sage Beauty, what gets you excited?

I am excited and amazed by how the retail industry is changing (ingredient awareness and the incredible growth of indie brands). This is an exciting time to be in the retail industry because I think we truly are on the verge of a revolution.

Sage Beauty promotes a Gold Standard in green beauty. In addition to the services that you offer, how do you decide which products to stock?

I have high standards when it comes to makeup and skincare. Growing up, I saved up my money and spent nearly all of my money at the Chanel counter so from early on, I had expensive taste when it came to beauty products. Most people can’t afford a Chanel suit but they can buy a Chanel shadow compact and get a little taste of luxury. I don’t bring any lines in that I wouldn’t personally use. I look for high-end, sophisticated clean lines. Performance is key, too. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice color payoff, staying power, etc for your health.

Being so immersed in the industry, what important shifts or trends have you seen in the healthy beauty movement over the last few years? And what’s been the most important beauty switch for you?

In terms of the healthy beauty movement, the legislation on sunscreen is pretty exciting. The deterioration of the reefs is such an in-your-face proof of the effects of nasty ingredients, I think it could pave the way for some regulation that we are long overdue for.

The most important switch for me… I honestly can’t tell any difference (in terms of performance, etc.) between the makeup lines we carry and conventional high-end lines so the biggest clean bean beauty switch for me has been deodorant. I used to use Dove Clinical Strength Antiperspirant because I felt like I sweat a lot. When I switched to a clean deodorant, I couldn’t believe the difference. I sweat far less because my body isn’t trying to get rid of the aluminum and other toxic ingredients. I also smell different when I sweat. The smell isn’t so strong as when I was using conventional deodorant. It is a total game changer.

If you could share one piece of advice for holistic living, what would it be?

Be aware of your thoughts and the effects they can have on your body!

What are your future plans for Sage Beauty?

I would love to open up more clean beauty boutiques!