She Plants Love Organic Skin Butters

Here at Opal Avenue, we aren’t just a marketplace for finding the best products for your store. We are a home for products that are honestly good. Out of the countless brand applications we receive, only a small few surpass our rigorous ethical and safe ingredient criteria. Today, we introduce you to one of our trailblazing Opal Avenue vendors – Far Momin and She Plants Love artisanal skincare.

Far Momin, founder – She Plants Love

Far, thank you for sharing your story with us today. She Plants Love. There’s so much in a name. Where did the inspiration to create She Plants Love come from?

The name She Plants Love is inspired by my belief in the power of self-love and how it can transcend into all areas of our lives and allow us to serve on a deeper level. We all have it in us to lead with love and compassion.

It’s exciting to see a line of plant-based, multi-functional, and nourishing butters. What have been your customers’ most favorite uses?

There are so many ways to use our Butters! Some of our customer’s most favorite ways to use the products are as an all-over body moisturizer, on their scalp as a conditioner, or to style their hair.

“We Think Your Skin Is Beautiful.” Your philosophy is one many of us can truly get behind. How does this philosophy weave itself into your chosen ingredients?

I focus on creating gentle formulations, one that would be suitable for the most sensitive skin types. We keep things transparent and disclose every ingredient, including our essential oil blend. My formulation is inclusive, and we embrace every skin type. I want people to feel that they can trust our ingredients and efficacy.

She Plants Love Organic Butters for some serious head to toe lovin’

She Plants Love goes above and beyond the call of beauty. Tell us more about how, as a company, She Plants Love helps repair our environment as well.

Since I launched the business in 2017, I’ve made every effort to use only glass jars in our packaging. I source organic ingredients 99% of the time, it gives us an additional stamp of approval. Historically we’ve repurposed shipping materials that we’ve gotten in the mail and/or kraft paper, steering away from plastic bubble wrap. We’ve been a One Tree Planted partner for three years now. With our customers’ help, we have planted trees in places like California, Haiti, Guatemala, Indonesia, and Australia, to name a few!

It’s fantastic that you make She Plants Love hair & skin butters are available to retailers. What scents and sizes are available in the line for them to select from?

Currently, we have two scents and two sizes. The Butter is our original product, and it smells like lavender, and Bare Butter is unscented. Both come in 5 oz and 1 oz glass jars.

And we can’t help to ask – when you think about the vision for She Plants Love, what gets you the most excited?

I came from a place where I had deep “skinsecurities” way up into adulthood and didn’t have anyone to model my skin after as a South Asian American growing up. So what gets me most excited about She Plants Love is inclusivity. Building a skincare brand that includes all humans. Where everyone can feel seen and heard through our products, content, and messaging.

She Plants Love organic butters in eco-friendly glass packaging, 5oz and 1oz available. Log in to discover on

Conscious, Clean, and Courageous. All of She Plants Love’s products are cruelty-free, vegan, and are verified free from over 2,000 ingredients linked to health & environmental concerns.

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