Testers & Support Materials

If I offer product testers with orders, where can I state that?

You can communicate your tester policies to retailers by adding it to the Tester Policy & Conditions section of your vendor store. To do this go to — Brand Dashboard > Settings > Policies > Tester Policy & Conditions.

What’s the best way to offer testers with orders on Opal Avenue?

Successful tester policies on Opal Avenue are structured in one or both of these ways: (1) With their order, retailers will purchase product testers at your listed wholesale prices. These are subject to OA commission as they are part of the retailers overall paid order.  (2) Retailers will receive free testers of each SKU selected with orders of or over a certain dollar value that you set in your policies. For example: “orders of $500 or more will automatically receive free testers and brand marketing materials.”