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Trend Report: 360 Degrees of Wellness for Mother’s Day

Stocking up on incredible Mother’s Day gifts is a retailer’s task this time of spring. With so much going on in the realm of Mom, how do you stand out? We’re seeing a significant increase in presents that represent more than just a token. Instead, gifts that encourage self-care and wellness are taking the lead this year. With a focus on pampering Mom holistically, let’s dive deep into a few Opal Avenue brands that bring 360-degree wellness for Mother’s Day to the forefront.

Poethique Skincare

Po?thique (po-eth-eek) is inspired by the vast knowledge of natural beauty ingredients that has been collected and refined over the ages by women of all cultures, across the world. The brand sources its ingredients from diverse locations all around the world, from the rainforests of Australia to the heart of India.?They then combine these prized ingredients with their green chemistry expertise to create products that are effective, toxin-free and incredibly indulgent. Po?thique products work especially well on sensitive skin, and with regular use, the line encourages skin to return to its natural healthy state?glowing and balanced. Opal Avenue recommends for Mom:?Radiance Boosting Serum

Athena Teas

Athena Teas offers a simple way to integrate pure, single origin teas into your daily routine. Never blended or flavored, the brand’s teas express only their natural flavors and characteristics born of varied terroir and exquisite craftsmanship.?Carefully selected from around the world, Athena Teas’ partners grow, harvest and process tea according to traditional methods. By limiting harvest to a few times a year, the tea plants grow slower, allowing beneficial antioxidants to concentrate in the buds and young leaves. Opal Avenue recommends for Mom: Spring Oolong

Moon & Jai

A conscious lifestyle brand that creates elegant tools to inspire personal transformation, intentional living, connection to ritual and dwelling in magic, Moon & Jai brings beautiful kits into your world. They refresh your home with a clean scent, add antiviral and antibacterial elements, change the ionic composition of the air to bring in more negative ions, and clear your space energetically. Each kit, focused on a specific purpose, taps into the love and energy you need to manifest your biggest dreams.?Opal Avenue recommends for Mom: LOVE Kit

sundays Nail Polish

Featuring high quality, pure ingredients, sundays nontoxic nail polish line puts Mom’s health, happiness and well-being first, without compromising a luxurious, long-lasting finish.?sundays 10-free nail polish is formulated without the 10 hazardous chemical additives commonly found in nail polish. Plus, the line is proudly cruelty free and vegan, and never tests on animals or uses animal by-products. It brings beautiful, classic colors with a trendy twist to the nontoxic nails realm. Opal Avenue Recommends for Mom: No. 7, a rose beige

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