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Trend Report: Hair’s the Deal

One aspect of cleaner, greener, better beauty that many converts struggle to find favorite replacements for is in the haircare category. From shampoo and conditioner to styling and treatments, haircare options are fewer and further between than the plethora of skincare choices we’ve seen explode onto the market in the last five years. But, thankfully, brands are noticing that hole in better beauty offerings and they’re stepping up. With new formulas (think shampoo bars) and innovative ingredients, these Opal Avenue brands are leaning into the need for safer, more natural haircare options.

Loving Culture Hair Oil

This elegantly crafted, invigorating, transformative and versatile holistic hair oil is made to moisturize, promote healthy hair growth and elasticity, and prevent damage against heat, chemicals and natural elements. It’s a uniquely derived oil blend that’s also nutrient dense in composition, rich in vitamins B,C and E, plus omega fatty-acids. Potent extracts such as cayenne pepper and cinnamon have been combined to nourish, revitalize and protect hair follicles and scalp. These anti-inflammatory ingredients have properties that can help to restore moisture, too. The best part? All the ingredients are sustainably sourced and USDA certified organic. Plus, the formula’s argan oil is fair trade, and Loving Culture seeks to ensure that the standards of sourcing of this highly desirable oil are ethical.

Meow Meow Tweet Shampoo Bar

With a rich lather and its sweet, herbal scent, this unique bar soap was formulated to nourish your hair?but it can be used on the whole body too! Rich avocado oil and aloe vera condition and soften, while rosemary and hops flowers promote shiny, bright hair and scalp health. Without a bottle, it’s got a lesser carbon footprint than your standard shampoo, too, making it hair and environmentally friendly.

Katari Beauty Hair Masque

Sometimes hair doesn’t need deep conditioning. It needs growth, health and a good cleanse, which can be great for strengthening hair follicles and boosting volume. This is what Katari Beauty’s Argil Hair Masque does with one powerful ingredient, 100 percent pure Tunisian green clay, which is chock full of minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, organic plant matter and dozens of trace minerals. It cleanses the scalp well, without stripping skin’s natural oils or hair color, and goes deep to nourish the epidermis and help with healthy hair growth. It can do all of this while also helping to preserve and nurture hair’s pigment. It’s a powerful, natural, bio-organic hair treatment hand-picked in the Atlas Mountains of Tunisia.

HeathNaturally Hemp Softgels

HealthNaturally?’s Hemp Oil Softgels contain a full array of botanicals, providing essential fatty acids including omega 3, omega 6, GLA, SDA and vitamin E, that can help strengthen strands from the inside out. These vegan, gluten-free softgels support recovery from exercise-induced inflammation, and management of normal, everyday stressors?all of which can help regulate hair loss. Hemp oil helps promote homeostasis and an overall reduction of stress in the body, and untreated stress can result in hair loss. By adding hemp into a regular routine, locks can flourish.