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Trend Report: Products to Enhance Your Summer Experience

Seasonal eating is all the rage, but what about seasonal skincare and personal care products? Taking advantage of nontoxic beauty that enhances your summer experience is what this season is all about. From fruit-infused skincare to natural deodorant that utilizes fresh scents, let’s take a closer look at Opal Avenue brands that bring seasonality to the forefront.

Harmony + Blossom Jasmine & Sea Salt Hair Mist

This new natural sea salt hair texturizing mist is enriched with aloe vera to hydrate hair, and jasmine floral water to freshen and nourish each strand of hair. It’s naturally fragrant with a beautiful scent that also brings vitality to flat, limp hair, leaving it looking fresh and voluminous. The combination of water, jasmine floral water, and Atlantic sea salt work together to give you effortless, beach-ready waves while the aloe vera soothes the scalp and tames frizz. While we love it for summery beach waves, it can be used to enhance strands all year round.

Thesis Facial Mask Strawberry Dessert

Formulated with real organic strawberries, this dry to wet mask provides full antioxidant benefits with each application. Strawberries provide protection for your skin, have soothing properties, tighten pores and gently exfoliate, helping get rid of breakouts, blemishes and clogged pores. Truly natural and organic luscious ingredients brighten, detoxify and clarify skin with fresh, summery fruits. Especially beneficial for dry, blemished, tired skin and any complexion in need of an extra vitamin boost, Thesis’ Strawberry Dessert mask is rich in anti-aging antioxidants, organic acids and natural vitamins. Applied regularly, this mask helps skin cope with blemishes and signs of environmental and sun damage, and improves skin?s tone, texture and appearance.

Cleo & Coco Men’s Basil Mint Natural Deodorant

Not just for women, this trend highlights products for men as well, like Cleo & Coco’s Men’s Basil Mint Natural Deodorant. Gentle enough to be used daily, this nontoxic deodorant is formulated with coconut-derived activated charcoal and bentonite clay magnets that naturally draw out and eliminate odor-causing toxins, bacteria and wetness. It assists and supports the body’s natural daily detox process.?Plus, the refreshing, summery scent is a bold minty citrus with fresh and uplifting basil, peppermint and orange essential oils (it may be marketed for men, but women and teens will love it too).

Superieur Electrolytes Fresh Watermelon Mix

Sourced from real fruits, Superieur Electrolytes’ vitamin C and ionic sea minerals mix is a perfect way to enhance summer activities. The powder, which you can toss in your water bottle each morning, takes advantage of real-food-extracted vitamin C from acerola berry to give an immune-boosting punch?lab-made ascorbic acid found in other formulas isn?t the complete vitamin and therefore can?t give you the same effect.?Bamboo extract, rich in the mineral silica, is a antioxidant that can help contribute to healthy skin, hair and nails. Ionic sea minerals, which contain essential electrolytes like magnesium and other trace minerals, help the body repair and replenish, whether you?ve just completed a workout or you?ve been sweating at the beach all day.