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Trend Report: Scent-sory Experiences

Synthetic fragrance is one of the most potentially hazardous ingredients you can find in conventional cosmetics and personal care products. Why? Because in the United States, fragrance falls under trade secret laws that prevent companies from having to reveal their proprietary formulas?which means the term “fragrance” or “parfum” can contain hundreds of synthetic chemical components, including those banned by the FDA for being unsafe. These chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, birth defects, skin irritations, headaches and more.

Clean and green beauty brands have long set themselves apart by avoiding synthetic fragrances in exchange for natural scents that come from essential oils. This creates products that are not only safer to use, but also carry the potency of distilled plants. The documented healing and mood-boosting properties of essential oils?has made them increase in popularity, and made consumers sit up and take notice. Brands are now capitalizing on the properties of essential oils to create more effective products that also carry the benefit of creating a scent-sory experience. Read on for the Opal Avenue brands that are leading the charge.

Trend Report: Scent-sory Experiences














ADORAtherapy Mood Boosts

ADORAtherapy’s entire line is based on the principle of being more than perfume. The potent, high-concentration blends of essential oils are designed to become part of your daily ritual for well-being. Using expertly sourced and formulated ingredients, ADORAtherapy’s Mood Boosts help create habits for self-love and self-care by empowering women and men to pay attention to and embrace their moods. Designed like a perfume with a top, middle and base note, Mood Boosts actually take their users beyond perfume, empowering them to make healthier choices to shift their moods.

?Buck Naked Soap Company Energizing Marigold Bath Bomb

Buck Naked Soap Company is an all natural, vegan, handcrafted luxury beauty brand. The small-batch operation makes cold-process natural soap and bath products using only the best in naturally occurring ingredients. Their bath bombs pack an essential oil punch, each designed to create a scent-sory experience with each use. They’re crafted to set a particular mood, creating a calm and relaxing experience. Drop one into a warm-water-filled tub and experience the shift in mood you need!

Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner

With pure essential oils alongside potent plant extracts, Jacq’s Revitalizing Face Toner brings to the forefront the impact of scent. A spritz of the tonic refreshes and renews mood as much as it tones and brightens skin. As a pick-me-up during the day, this sweetly scented face mist captures the power of plants and harnesses them for your use any day, any time. It creates balance on the skin, and balance in the body by encouraging a moment to pause and reflect, reset and rejuvenate.

Meow Meow Tweet Outdoor Spray (Insect Repellent)

Everything in the Meow Meow Tweet line is expertly blended to create a beautiful and beneficial scent-sory experience with each use. But the product that stands out as harnessing the potency of essential oils the most is the line’s Outdoor Spray. It functions nearly like a natural perfume, the combo of EOs is so inviting and calming. Lavender, lemongrass, fir, geranium and cedar blend together perfectly for a woodsy, yet light and botanical scent that feels like a treat, even as you’re applying it to ward off bugs (with zero toxic chemicals). Meow Meow Tweet has taken a previously annoying and frustrating experience (read: DEET application) and created a pleasant and fun ritual that you’ll want to engage in all summer (and fall and winter) long.