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Trend Report: The Man in the Mirror

It’s easy to assume that the beauty industry is propped up by women, especially when a recent survey indicated that millennial women?on average spend around $714 in the category while men only spend about $297 per year. But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for growth for men and women, and as the healthy, safer cosmetics industry expands, so does the chance to reach male consumers in new ways. Their female counterparts might have jumped on the nontoxic personal care bandwagon first, but male customers are ripe for the picking?and that’s why some of the smartest brands are tailoring their latest releases to (or building their bedrock on) unisex products, enticing the man in the mirror. Here are a few Opal Avenue brands leading this trend.

Trend Report:

PLANT Apothecary

The brand describes itself as “organic, unisex skincare and bath goodies for an inclusive audience?in packaging that you won’t mind keeping on view,” and for good reason. The products not only look beautiful in any bathroom, they also aren’t packaged with just the ladies in mind. PLANT’s scent blends are evocative, but not flowery or too sweet, making them accessible and intriguing for males and females alike. The simplicity of the line’s packaging is compounded by the short ingredient lists, easy-to-use instructions and recognizable formulas. Complicated serums that require customers to decipher their use are replaced with all-purpose products that make getting ready every day a snap.

Buck Naked Soap Company

With a recently released men’s line, Buck Naked Soap Company showed its ability to be ahead of the curve on men’s grooming. Products tailored to men’s needs (a shaving soap, a beard growth oil, a beard balm and more) make the brand stand out, and make men feel more comfortable to add to their personal care collection.?Through their small-batch operation, they make high-quality, handcrafted, vegan, cold-process products that are now bringing luxury nontoxic beauty to men and women alike.

SWAY Company

Traditionally, deodorant is one of the trickiest conventional products to ditch?men and women alike are used to anit-perspirants and have a hard time getting on board with the idea of actually experiencing sweat. For men who, on average, sweat more than women, it can be an even more daunting task. Enter SWAY Company’s Underarm Detox Kit for Men,?formulated with a special blend of organic, raw apple cider vinegar and natural ingredients. It works by restoring and maintaining the pH balance of underarms, which prevents odor-causing bacteria from thriving. And it’s scented with?W. Indian Sandalwood and Clary Sage for men, making the swap that much more appealing.


While it may seem like a flowery and fruity set of formulas, the unisex nature of all Thesis beauty products make it stand out. Face oils and mists that utilize herbs and botanicals dig down to the effectiveness of natural ingredients, and entice anyone looking for high-quality, potent ingredients. Its line of unscented products is particularly friendly to male customers, and makes it easy for families with different skin types or needs to streamline their purchases, focusing on one line that work for everyone.