Meet the Brands

Lumi Basics

OUR MISSION. A minimalist approach to skincare. Our mission is to create pure, natural and sustainable personal care products that you can feel good about using. WHY CHOOSE LUMI BASICS? At Lumi Basics, we believe that skin care should be simple, accessible, and always eco-friendly. We pride ourselves on being upfront and transparent in everything we do. From ingredients to packaging, we craft all of our products with both your skin and the environment in mind. All of our formulas use only 10 ingredients or less and you will never find preservatives, fillers, sulfates, phthalates, fragrances, or any other harmful ingredients in our products. We skip individual product boxes the keep our environmental footprint to a minimum and always house our products in glass containers with little to no plastic. We reuse shipping materials whenever possible and offer refill and “label free” programs to make our product offerings truly zero waste. BEHIND THE BRAND. Rachel and Brittani met while working for a Health + Wellness driven company. Both obsessed with natural, holistic skincare and other wellness products, we always dreamed of starting our own business offering the skincare products that we had already been testing and using ourselves for years. Being already in the wellness industry, we were able to see the ins and outs of companies that were marketing themselves to be "healthy" or "sustainable" but knew that the truth behind the scenes was often a little different. We knew that we could do better but we weren’t sure where, when, or even how to start. When we were both suddenly let go of our jobs on the same day, we know it was time. That was the day Lumi Basics was born and we never looked back.

Athena Teas

At Athena Teas we offer a range of single origin teas thoughtfully curated to display the unique characteristics and exquisite craftsmanship of tea growers and makers from around the world. With so many choices out there - herbal, blends, bottled, loose leaf - it can be difficult to know what quality means. We aim to bring tea and the art of brewing, sharing, and enjoying tea back to its roots. On our site, you can learn about different kinds of teas and how to brew them in a way that fully expresses their natural flavors and aromas. We also do the legwork to source and import exemplary teas that we hope will be eye-opening, habit-forming, and something you can't wait to share with family and friends. Specialty tea is on the rise in the U.S., but many peoples' thoughts about tea are still based on underwhelming experiences with tea bags and flavored teas. Plain tea is seen as something bland and bitter, to be sweetened with milk and sugar or made interesting with added spices, fruit, and fragrances. The reality couldn't be further from the truth. Pure teas span an incredible range of flavors and textures, from the heavy and mineral, to the sweet and creamy, without the need for manufacturing additions or enhancements. All teas offered by Athena Teas require only hot water to show their unique characteristics - the results of plant variety, climate, picking season, and traditional processing, often by hand under the watchful eye of a tea master. As a husband and wife duo with wide travel experience spanning six continents, we understand the value of offering the best in the world at your doorstep. Being based in the U.S. enables us to ship teas direct to our customers without the inconvenience of long international shipping times or the risk of a hold up at customs. We believe we are one of only a handful of tea merchants to offer the opportunity to sample high quality teas from multiple countries in a single, easy-to-use, online store.