Welcome! Getting Started.

Welcome to the home of honestly good products! It’s our mission to grow the impact of ethical vendors like you through the Opal Avenue marketplace. We are glad to have you onboard! Let’s help retailers discover your fantastic products by getting your vendor store set up. Before clicking over to ‘Setting Up Your Vendor Store’ for next steps, please review all of the FAQs in this Getting Started section. 

What is Opal Avenue?

Opal Avenue is an online wholesale marketplace where retailers across the U.S. and Canada can discover exciting ethical products for their stores. Best of all, Opal Avenue operates with the strongest ingredient standards in retail. Every product available in the marketplace is confirmed to be free of over 2,000 ingredients linked to health and environmental harm. This is the Opal Avenue promise – honestly good products customers will love! 

Where can I find a copy of my Vendor Agreement?

All Opal Avenue vendors review and agree to the terms and conditions of the Vendor Agreement at registration. You can request a copy of the Vendor Agreement  to be emailed to you at any time. Links to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy can also be found in the footer of our website.

I will be adding more products to my store in the future, do they need approval?

Yes. To maintain Opal Avenue’s Honestly Good Products™ promise and clean ingredient standards, all vendors MUST submit additional new items or line extensions for Opal Avenue review and pre-approval prior to listing. To do so, notify us and provide full ingredient listings for the new items. New items or line extensions require approval before they can be listed on Opal Avenue. New items or line extensions that do not meet our standards and Terms will not be accepted for listing.

Who sets up and manages my vendor store?

Vendor store creation, accuracy, updates, and active management while utilizing the platform is the responsibility of the Vendor. In the case that our customer service team needs to contact you for more information to help answer a retailer’s question about your brand or products, we will promptly do so. It is encouraged that vendors reply to all retailer and Opal Avenue support inquiries within 24 hours. 

How do retailers interact with vendors on Opal Avenue?

At their discretion, retailers interested in a vendor’s products may take one or more of the following actions: (1) submit product inquiries directly to the vendor or Opal Avenue Customer Service, (2) submit a Product Sample Request to be approved and fulfilled by the vendor, and/or (3) place a wholesale order for the vendor’s products through Opal Avenue. You will receive direct notifications for retailer inquiries, sample requests, and order activity as they happen.

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